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Sealers - Rust Preventive

Code No.ProductDescription
2109Rust preventive Powder (Yellow)Highly suitable for moderate rust protection after acid pickling
Packing 25 kg Bag
2109-BRust Preventive Powder (white)Heavy Duty Rust Protection for in transit protection or covered storage
Packing 25 Kg. Bag
2805Rust Preventative oilSemi-viscous mineral oil base moderate to heavy rust protection .
Packing 25 Liters Jar/Drum
2812Rust InhibitorAmine-based rust inhibitor for use after phosphatizing
2815Rust ConverterPolymer based formulation to convert rust into a protective coating suitable for subsequent paining etc. Highly suitable for big structures
Packing 25 Kg. Jar
Pickling Inhibitor-SSHighly effective at lower dose for bright pickle for sulphuric acid
Packing 25/40kg. Jar
Pickling Inhibitor-HHighly effective at lower dose for bright pickle for Hcl acid
Packing 25/40kg. Jar
Additive-FHSWetting agent for pickling bath, from foam blanket to control fumes. Helps to control acid consumption upto 20-25%
Packing 25/35kg. Jar

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