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                                            SINCE SEVENTIES, 

                                       WE SELL CHEMICAL, WE PROVIDE SOLUTION

                                         We take pride in introducing

                                         ourselves as one of the leading

                                         manufacturers of metal

                                         pre-treatment chemicals


An experienced chemical engineer, corrosion technologist, and a business executive  started Meta-Kem to provide pre-treatment chemicals like Phosphating, Chromotizing, Degreasing chemical, and allied products to mitigate the painting and corrosion-related problems.

META KEM is an Indian Chemical Company that specializes in manufacturing of Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals It is considered as one of the leading manufactures. 

Products We Offer

Marine Application Products

Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Products


Fields of solution

Metal Treatment

water treatment

heat treatment

Meta Kem works on systematic approach with a strong emphasis on R&D, total quality management, and cleaner technology which has benefited the industry on various fronts.

Driving force behind the Vision

Navin Maheshwari is an Indian Chemical Industry Businessman and an experienced technologist in corrosion & environmental science. He is working in the field of corrosion & environmental control since 1979.

Few Of His Innovations:

– He pioneered an innovative technology for bagasse depithing by a chemical swelling process for Century Pulp & Paper. This technology eliminates the dry depithing process, saving the environment and improving the net yield by 15-20%.

– Developed Technology for road building by using Municipal waste this will help to cut down the size of heap of garbage and also help for sustainable development by not only saving of environment but ground water too. 

Has vast experience in the field of Railways, Defence also has worked as a consultant with several public and private sector units.

He is NACE accredited for coating & painting Inspection.

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