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Our wide range of cleaners include:

-Alkaline / Non-Alkaline Cleaners
-Acid Cleaners & Brighteners
-Solvent Cleaners
-Emulsion Cleaners

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Alkaline/ Non-Alkaline Cleaners

Code NumberProduct Description
1156Degreasing Agent-SP

Degreasing Agent –C I

Non-foaming alkaline detergent for use in recirculation spray washers for ferrous & non metals
Packing 25kg Bag
Heavy duty cleaner cum rust inhibitor, low temp. working
Packing 25/40kg Jar
1110Meta PolMultipurpose low-foam heavy duty solvent cleaner. Can be used as multi-purpose cleaner. Good for brush and mop cleaning as safe replacement of solvent. A better substitute of Diesel/Thinner washing. Environmentally safe.
Packing 35 Kg. Jar
1166Degreasing Agent-HDFerrous metal cleaner for use in recirculation parts washers application - low foam, heavy duty economical cleaner.
Packing 25kg Bag
2303-LFDegreasing Agent-WHD

Degreasing Agent-WHD300

Powdered silicated soak tank cleaner for ferrous & non-ferrous metal
Packing 25kg Bag

Heavy-duty economical grade alkaline cleaner effective at low temp. suitable for ferrous & non- ferrous metals
Packing 25kg Bag
1108Floor & Equipment CleanerLow foam cleaner for automatic scrubbers. Contains a rust inhibitor
Packing 25kg Jar
1120T & S CleanerCeramic tile and fiberglass cleaner. Removes hard water scale, dirt and soap scum
Packing 25kg Jar
2701-LFLow Foam Liquid Alkaline Cleaner DegreaserA low-foam cleaner-degreaser that emulsifies and suspends soil - All metal safe. Emulsion Cleaner.
Packing 25 Kg. Jar
2502Degreasing Agent-PPowdered soak cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals - will not attack aluminum, zinc or copper
Packing 25kg Bag
2512Degreasing Agent-WHD500A low-foaming, heavy duty inhibited soak alkaline cleaner for ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Non-caustic cleaner.
Packing 25kg Bag
1153Neutral CleanerLiquid Cleaner, can be used as neutral cleaning agent for resistant flooring etc, safe for metal/non metal. Can be add in Derusting and Degreasing bath to enhance effectiveness.
Packing 25 Kg. Jar
Degreasing Agent ANHeavy Duty electrolytic cleaner for ferrous metal
Packing 25kg Bag
Degreasing Agent HD500Heavy Duty polymer base cleaner for ferrous metal
Packing 25 Kg. bag


Acid Cleaners & Brightner

Code No.ProductDescription
2101Meta Derust-170A citric, phosphoric acid based rust remover and soak
Packing 25kg Jar
2103Scale-2A premium blended acidic Derusting/ de-scaling and smut remover.
Packing 25 Kg. Jar
2104Aluklin-IBlended acid brightener for aluminum di-casting & alloy
Packing 25kg Jar
2105Aluklin-IIBlended acid aluminum brightener for sheet metal
Packing 25kg Jar
2106S.S. CleanerCleaner and brightener for stainless steel surfaces
Packing 25kg Jar
2107Acid pH BalanceFor neutralizing alkaline solutions prior to disposal - will lower pH
2108Scale Kill-HLInhibited scale and rust remover
Packing 25kg Bag
2124Meta De-rust 126 An acidic Degreaser, solvent blend for removing light grease, flux, rust, oxides and heat scale from metals, prior to subsequent treatment. Room/low Temperature working
Packing 40 Kg. Jar


Solvent Cleaners

Code No.ProductDescription
2403Cleaner -TCBlend of aliphatic and chlorinated solvents. Boiling point 88°C
Packing 25/300kg Jar/Drum
2407Cleaner - QCA non-chlorinated solvent water soluble for parts cleaning replacement of kerosene oil, diesel and thinner
Packing 25kg Jar
2410-ASolvent CleanerBlend of petroleum and chlorinated solvents for use where cleaning systems, does NOT PERMIT WATER usage
Packing 25kg Jar/Drum
2411Cleaner-ECA heavy duty emulsion cleaner to remove heavy grease
Packing 25/30kg Bag


Emulsion Cleaners

Code No.ProductDescription
2604Emulsion CleanerSolvent degreaser and emulsion cleaner for grease removal from engines, parts, etc. Can be diluted with water or solvent - water or solvent-rinsable
Packing 25kg Jar
2606Emulsion CleanerEmulsion cleaner utilizing a biodegradable citrus solvent for heavy grease removal. Water rinsable
Packing 25kg Jar

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