Product Description

Meta Phos-Fep

Powdered cleaner and phosphatizer for ferrous surfaces.

Meta Phos-FE Liquid cleaner and phosphatizer for dip, spray or steam applications.
Additive-FE Surfactant blends to boost cleaning of phosphatizing compounds.
PTS (S) Clean & rust remover forms a uniform, dense phosphate coating that serves as an excellent paint base.
Meta Phos-DRP Remove light oil, grease, rust and form iron phosphate. Economical in use
Meta Phos-GAL Will clean and phosphatize multi-metal substrates, like galvanized, aluminum during pressure washing and steam cleaning applications - light soil removal etc.
Meta Phos-MC Light zinc calcium modified accelerated hot dip phosphate suitable for paint base. Class B/C, 250-400 mg/sq.ft
Meta Phos-K Highly effective, low-temp. zinc phosphate. Coating wt.150-300 mg/sq.ft
Meta Phos-ZX Heavy zinc unaccelerated hot dip phosphate, produce tight heavy coating
Meta Phos-111 Manganese phosphate produces dark gray-black phosphate coating suitable for wear and tear as well as corrosion resistance coating. Class A2 grade
Seal & Rust Preventative A premium polymer seal to maximize paint adhesion and salt spray.
Passivation Chrome 3 rd & 6 th salt solution for sealing after Phosphating.
Passivation-NC Non-chromic sealing with a corrosion inhibitor for use after phosphatizing.
Accelerator Oxidizing salt used for Phosphating bath.
Meta Chrome-GL Single dip fast acting cold dip chrome conversion golden-yellow coating on aluminium.
Meta Chrome-BL Single dip fast acting cold dip chrome conversion Blue-green coating on aluminium.
Bright Dip-CU Acidic cleaner for copper and Brass. Gives bright cleaning.