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Degreasing Agent-SP

Degreasing Agent –C I

Non-foaming alkaline detergent for use in recirculation spray washers for ferrous & non metals

Heavy duty cleaner cum rust inhibitor, low temp. working

1110 Meta Pol Multipurpose high foam detergent. Can be used as pot and pan wash, dish wash.
1166 Degreasing Agent-HD Ferrous metal cleaner for use in recirculation parts washers application - low foam, HEAVY DUTY ECONOMICAL CLEANER
2303-LF Degreasing Agent-WHD

Degreasing Agent-WHD300
Powdered silicated soak tank cleaner for ferrous & non-ferrous metal

Heavy-duty economical grade alkaline cleaner effective at low temp. suitable for ferrous & non- ferrous metals
1108 Floor & Equip. Cleaner Low foam cleaner for automatic scrubbers. Contains a rust inhibitor.
1120 T & S Cleaner Ceramic tile and fiberglass cleaner. Removes hard water scale, dirt and soap scum.
2701-LF Low Foam Liquid Alkaline Cleaner Degreaser A low-foam cleaner-degreaser that emulsifies and suspends soil - All metal safe
2502 Degreasing Agent-P Powdered soak cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals - will not attack aluminum, zinc or copper
2512 Degreasing Agent-WHD500 A low-foaming, heavy duty inhibited soak alkaline cleaner for ferrous & non ferrous metals
1153 Neutral Cleaner Can be used as neutral cleaning agent resistant flooring,